Proof it Works

Beyond by Aerus’ ActivePure Technology has been proven effective in laboratory and university settings, but what kind of results can it produce in a real-life environments?

Independent, third-party before, after, and long-term test results show the power and lasting effectiveness of ActivePure Technology in residential and commercial spaces.

ActivePure Technology - Effective in the Most Challenging Environments

Beyond by Aerus’ ActivePure Technology and Beyond by Aerus treatment process have been tested in both university and laboratory environments, and the results are compelling. They have also been used in a number of commercial and industrial settings that face particular high-risk issues. ActivePure Technology and our patent-pending treatment process have clearly demonstrated to be effective at reducing these risks, including particles and contaminants in the air, as well as on surfaces.

The Study: Kansas State University

Kansas State University's Food Science Institute performed testing to determine the potential use of ActivePure Technology for destruction of harmful contaminants as a way to protect food. The researchers at KSU found that ActivePure Technology not only worked on stainless steel surfaces, but that it could also be more effective in less time than a well-known gaseous disinfectant.

The Study: University of Cincinnati

Research by the Department of Environmental Health at the University of Cincinnati sought to control particles and inactivate microbes in indoor air. This testing demonstrated an ability to reduce airborne contaminants 50 times faster than typical HVAC filtration.

Medical Office

ActivePure Technology and the Beyond by Aerus treatment process was installed in a pediatric therapy office. Before and after testing of touch points throughout the pediatric office (such as the XBox controller, therapy mats, door handles and light switches) where microbes were particularly high, showed dramatic reduction in contamination up to 100% in most cases.

Hotel Rooms

Beyond by Aerus used a multi-step, patent-pending treatment process on main touch points, drip pans, carpeting, upholstery and bedding. Before and after testing for bacteria and fungi, as well as the air particle count, showed dramatic improvement. 30 days after treatment, bacteria and fungi levels were all at or close to zero. The air particle counts, which in one room was as high as 8000, were all reduced to zero.

Professional Sports Facilities

Beyond by Aerus' multi-step, patent-pending treatment process has been applied in several professional sports facilities across the US. Before cleaning began, testing was conducted in locker rooms, players' and coaches' lockers, and spa areas. Bacteria, fungi and MRSA levels were recorded. Immediately following the Beyond by Aerus process, levels were tested again, and then again at the 30 day mark; in both "after" instances, levels of all three contaminants were significantly reduced, in many cases to zero.

Technology Developed for Space

Technology Developed for NASA