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ActivePure Technology

"ActivePure helped my husband with his health challenges. I love knowing the surfaces in my home are clean and sanitized for my family. My home always smells fresh and clean even though I have 2 dogs."

"If you have ever been around me, you know I have germ phobia. I love knowing ActivePure is in my home eliminating contaminants on surfaces."

"As an asthmatic patient, I noticed the air is lighter and fresher within 15 minutes of having ActivePure in my home."

Our Products

"I love the quietness and the quality of the Beyond Guardian Air. It is a very good machine."

"The Beyond Sanctuairy works all the time in every place, eliminating surface contamination and pollution. Airborne dust and particle reduction is very important as well. Who wouldn’t want this in their home? Either your lungs can purify the air, or the Sanctuairy can do it for you."

Our Process

"Having just moved into my apartment, I was a bit unnerved about being in a new space with old germs. Additionally, our belongings had been in storage for quite some time. I was especially concerned as I have a son with severe allergies and asthma. My entire apartment was treated from the carpet to the couch to the mattresses. I am still extremely satisfied with the results. My apartment smells clean because it is clean… Thank you so much for the better health and the peace of mind!"

Our Service

"My visit: first of all these guys were on time and very patient. I have dogs so they worked with me to accommodate my pets as well. I will use this service again, because my home hasn’t been this fresh. Thanks Beyond."

"They did a great job. Arrived on time and were courteous, professional, and competent."



Happy Customers

Happy Customers

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