ActivePure Solution

ActivePure Technology: Did You Know?

  • Almost immediately after being cleaned with typical cleansers, surfaces begin to attract contaminants, leaving a very small window of being clean
  • ActivePure Technology affords those surfaces continual, 24/7 protection from re-contamination
  • Originally invented to protect astronauts by removing ethylene gas from the International Space Station
  • ActivePure Technology is recognized as exclusive Certified Space Technology by the Space Foundation in its category

What You Can't See

Even with a thorough cleaning regimen, bacteria, fungi, and pathogens can be circulated in the air or find their way onto frequently touched surfaces.

Proven Results

Independent laboratory testing has been used to verify Beyond by Aerus’ ActivePure Technology against common bacteria and fungi, E. coli and MRSA. Tests were performed before and after installation, as well as long-term, and all had very impressive results. Concentrations of air particles as small as one micron (1/50th to 1/70th the diameter of a human hair) were also tested and recorded.

Before, After, and Beyond

The charts below all show testing performed in areas that receive regular cleanings and maintenance. Substantial amounts of bacteria, fungi, and other pathogens – as well as microscopic airborne particles – were found at each location prior to treatment. Post-treatment graphed results illustrate the almost immediate effects of the Beyond by Aerus ActivePure Technology and, where noted, the additional benefits from the Beyond by Aerus process.

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Testing Chart Image


Before and after antimicrobial testing results from residential installation

Testing Chart Image

Medical Office

Before and after bacteria testing results from pediatric therapy office

Testing Chart Image

Hotel Rooms

Before and after testing for bacteria, fungi, and air particles in treated hotel rooms

Testing Chart Image

Professional Sports Facility

Before, after, and 30-day testing for bacteria, fungi, MRSA, and air particles



Technology Developed for Space

Technology Developed for NASA